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Stampede Arm is an organization of people, for people. If our design does or doesn’t for you, we’ll work hard to get you the product and services you need.


Our continuous Research and Development means our prosthetic is on the bleeding edge of technology and functionality.


We work directly with reciepients to ensure the prosthetic directly meets the sizing and functionality needs in their lives, not ours.

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Stampede Arm Sync software ensures the prosthetic is never more than a click away from the latest updates anywhere anytime.


A wide range of technologies and development platforms allows the Stampede Arm prosthetic to work for nearly anyone with any level of technical experience.

Custom 3D Printing Consultation

Our machines can also be used for custom prototyping solutions and per-order 3D Printing solutions.

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The Stampede Arm prosthetic is a high schooler’s attempt at an advanced, functional prosthetic arm. Chase Cromwell, Lamar High School Junior, has been developing the arm for 2 years. Nearly fully functional, The Stampede Arm is on the verge of being the next big thing.

Based in rural southeastern Colorado, The Stampede Arm uniquely uses modern maker technology like 3D Printers and Arduino micro-controllers to develop features and prototype new designs faster than previously possible for commercial applications.

The Stampede Arm’s next exhibitions will be at the Southeastern Colorado Regional Science Fair and the Colorado State Science Fair in February and April of 2019. Chase has exhibited and placed at 7 consecutive regional fairs and 4 consecutive State level fairs. (2 Regional and 2 State with The Stampede Arm project.)

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I write articles and musings for other sites and groups on the web. Other than my Facebook Page, you can see some more of my articles at 3dpc.tech.

Here are a few of my most recent ones!

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