Chase Cromwell

Lamar High School Class of 2020

Skilled student, technical consultant, and advocate

I'm also a web developer, runner, and an award winning researcher


As a high schooler, I have completed 32 credit hours from Lamar Community College concurrent with my high school courseload and I plan on graduating with an A.A. with my high school diploma. From there I plan on finishing my Bachelors and Masters in an (undecided) Engineering discipline. My background in independent mechanical problem solving and advanced technical skills, gained through independent study in a variety of programming languages, operating systems and 3D Printing, makes me uniquely qualified.


I specialize in technical and operational work involving Windows systems, mechanical or networking equipment like 3D Printers and in assorted obscure systems like auditorium lighting and sound equipment. No matter the project, I can creatively find a solution to get desired end results with quick turnarounds.


I have been bi-laterally hearing impaired with moderate-severe loss since birth and have, thankfully, been blessed with minimal complications from that hearing loss. I have worked in person (through schools and special-education service providers) and online to use my variety of experiences to assist parents and other children with similar hearing loss to find solutions to the problems that hearing loss presents. I am a firm believer that hearing loss can be minimized and mitigated through high quality care from qualified audiologists and through close work between all parties involved in a child's upbringing; parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, special ed coordinators and more. My hearing loss will not be the most notable thing about my life; instead a mere footnote on my eulogy.

Major Projects, Products and Offerings

Stampede Arm

The Stampede Arm is a 3D printed, low cost prosthetic arm designed for the regional/state science fair during my first three years of high school. Across the three iterations, I explored manufacturing pipelines with 3D printing, mechanical engineering and CAD, microcontroller programing, data analysis, electroencephalograms, machine learning, and iterative design. I exhibited the project three times consecutively in February and April of 2016, 2017, and 2019 at the Regional Science Fair in Lamar, Colorado and at the Colorado State Science Fair (CSEF) at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins.

Topographical Maps

Vertical or horizontally mounted 3D tactile topographical maps of custom land areas developed for Camp Blue Haven in Las Vegas, NM. Available for nearly any use, plot of land, or physical size/display. Large scale 3D representations of land areas for private interests, public land administrations, hunters, landowners, nature enthusiasts, and researchers. Using a combination of tools and machines, I can produce large maps on even the shortest of timelines.

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Versatile software package for sporting event live streams to include real-time scoreboard and other graphical overlays. Built for basic streaming setups and to utilize existing equipment and personnel. ScoreTrakr is a lightweight self-hosted solution to provide local media or school broadcast groups tools to add high quality and fast scoreboard overlays to sports streams. ScoreTrakr currently fully supports basketball, and support for volleyball, soft/baseball, soccer, football, and wrestling is in the works.