Prosthetic Transport Case

Transporting Prosthetic Arms can be tricky buisness- when traveling to the State Fair in a school vehicle, space constraints are incredibly important, but so is the physical protection and security of the arm. At both of the last two state exhibitions, some part of the hand has broken while walking into the Lowry Student Center’s Grand Ballroom for presentation. Luckily both issues were fixable. However, this year, all that changes.

In looking for premade options, I discovered that large hardshell rifle cases seemed like a perfect fit for transporting prosthetics: mildly weatherproof, shock resistant, padded, and built for basic locking security. However, given that this gun case will be carried into many public spaces and schools, I wanted to avoid any suspicion or confusion about the contents of the case.

Portions of the build process can be seen in the image gallery below. The case in its entirety tuned out very well and should protect the Stampede Arm for as long as I need to.

Colorado State Science Fair

The Stampede Arm will exhibit for the 3rd consecutive year at the Colorado State Science Fair. Judging takes place Thursday afternoon, and this countdown is until the awards ceremony Friday night.

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