Safe AI and Data Security Practices

The Stampede Arm prosthetic takes advantage of significant improvements in modern computing called “Machine Learning” or “Artificial Inteligence.” While this technology can be used for amazing new purposes, we also recognize that AI can be used or advanced into areas detremental to human society. We have signed and pledge to do our best to follow industry standards in machine learning. Currently one of the top lists (and the one we follow) is Below is a list of those principles and our interpretation/commitment.

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Editorial Note:

I’m curious about the precedent and possibilities of the technology. If machine learning can be optimized for small, embedded microcontrollers, what does that mean for consumer equipment? Are we looking at coffee makers that can predict your wake time based on the day of week or your google calendar? No, embedded systems in homes are much less likely to benefit from low mem neural networks. Internet connected devices are going to be much more prevalent– rather than actually compute the information, machines and embedded architectures will actually be sending data to large, computationally superior servers in the “cloud” for their machine learning or data analysis. Everything is connected to the Wifi and will simply become a client to the mainframe.

We aren’t entering an era of smart devices, but dumb terminals for unimaginably powerful server closets.

This also begs the larger question, should companies have data security and safe AI policies on top of things like terms of service and privacy policies? What is “Safe AI”? How are we keeping these devices secure? We’re talking about $25 microphones that have access to your Amazon account and your WiFi network. How hard is it to flash a new bootloader onto an Amazon Echo and spoof it as a real one, gaining access to your accounts? The more streamlined voice purchases become the less places there are to stop them.

Malicious purchases: spending your money on products to somebody else’s address or to yours to porch steal

Harassment purchases: purchasing items to your address simply for the hassle of you returning them


Data security and safe AI practices are going to be the future of computer science and computer engineering.

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